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Current Status of the CCPB

In accordance with the organizational memorandum of the County and City Police Bureaus of Taiwan, our bureau was established on July 1st, 1982. It was originally combined with the Chiayi County Police Bureau for a brief period on November 29th, 1992, which was outlined in document no. 174204,. However, it was later separated from the Chiayi County Police Bureau on January 1st, 1992...

The Chiayi City Police Bureau reports to the Chiayi City Government and the National Police Agency. The mission is to maintain social order, to protect

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Our Duty

Vision and Mission

The freedom and diversity that exists within a modern society, has created a greater demand for an increased in security, traffic regulations and enforcement and service by its citizens. Furthermore, the global economic recession has complicated social situations that have rigorously challenged the maintenance of public security. Therefore, our mayor, Ming-hui Huang, has made the improvement of public safety one of the highest priorities of her administration. In accordance with the mayor’s desire for a “pragmatic administration”, our bureau has vigorously planned and effectively enforced every policing action in order to make Chaiyi a safer and healthier city.