Current Status of the CCPB

In accordance with the organizational memorandum of the County and City Police Bureaus of Taiwan, our bureau was established on July 1st, 1982. It was originally combined with the Chiayi County Police Bureau for a brief period on November 29th, 1991, which was outlined in document no. 174204. However, it was later separated from the Chiayi County Police Bureau on January 1st, 1992.

The Chiayi City Police Bureau reports to the Chiayi City Government and the National Police Agency. The mission is to maintain social order, to protect social security, to prevent all hazards to public safety and to promote well-being of our citizens.

The Chiayi City Police Bureau is headed by our Director-general, along with two Deputy Director-generals and a Chief Secretary. Our bureau has been structured with thirteen separate sections that include the General Affairs Section, the Training Section, the Crime Prevention Section, the Foreign Affairs Section, the Logistics Section, the Public Order Section, the Forensic Science Section, the Secretariat, the Inspectors' Section, the Public Security Section, the Information Management Section, the Public Relations Section and the Legal Affairs Section. Furthermore, the Bureau contains three subsections referred to as offices. These include the Accounting Office, the Personnel Office and the Civic Service Ethics Office. The Bureau's organizational structure has also established one corps and four brigades that are made up of the Criminal Investigation Corps, the Special Police Brigade, the Traffic Police Brigade, the Juvenile Delinquency Prevention Brigade and Women and Children Protection Brigade. There are also two main centers for operations and those are the Duty Command Center and the Civil Defense Operations Center. The Chiayi City Police Bureau has two precincts which are the First Precinct and the Second Precinct. Combined they have a total of twelve police stations.

Geography and Administration Area


The exact geographical boundaries of the jurisdiction of the Chiayi City Police Bureau eastern most point is at the Yushi Temple in Luchuli, which is situated at 120'30"04'" °E and 23'28"29'" °N. The most western point is at Dashichu, which is located at 120'23"10'" °E and 23'27"51'" °N. The furthest point south is on the Huneili river, which coordinates are at 120'25"53'" °E and 23’26"29'" °N. Finally, the northern most point lies just south of the Tochao industrial area, at 120'25"57'" °E and 23'31"12'" °N.

Chiayi City covers an area of 60.0256 square kilometers. The city is completely surrounded by Chiayi County. On the East the city is adjacent to Zhuqi Township and Fanlu Township of Chiayi County. On the south, the city is next to the Shuishang Township. The western part of Chiayi City is next to Taipao and the north side borders the township of Mingshong.

Chiayi City is located on Taiwan’s Western Coastal Plain and sits at the foot of the Central Mountain Range. Three rivers run throughout the city; the Bachong River, the Puzhi River, and the Peikong River.

Administration Area

The administration area of the city has been divided into two districts the East and the West. The West District is covered by the First Precinct, while the East District is protected by the Second Precinct.