Organization Structure.jpg

Organization Structure

  • Information Management Section
  • General Affairs Section
  • Crime Prevention Section
  • Logistics Section
  • Training Section
  • Public Order Section
  • Forensic Science Section
  • Personnel Office
  • Secretariat
  • Accounting Office
  • Inspectors' Section
  • Public Relations Section
  • Public Security Section
  • Foreign Affairs Section
  • Legal Affairs Section
  • Civic Service Ethics Office
  • Special Police Brigade
  • Traffic Police Brigade
  • Criminal Investigation Corps
  • Juvenile Delinquency Prevention Brigade
  • Women and Children Protection Brigade
  • Duty Command Center
  • Civil Defense Operations Center
  • First Precinct
  • Second Precinct

The Bureau is headed by a Director-general, along with two Deputy Director-generals and a Chief Secretary. They supervise the following units:

General Affairs Section, Training Section, Crime Prevention Section, Foreign Affairs Section, Logistics Section, Public Order Section, Forensic Science Section, Secretariat, Inspectors’ Section, Public Security Section, Information Management Section, Public Relations Section, Legal Affairs Section, Duty Command Center, Civil Defense Operations Center, Criminal Investigation Corps, Special Police Brigade, Traffic Police Brigade, Juvenile Delinquency Prevention Brigade, Women and Children Protection Brigade, Personnel Office, Accounting Office, Civic Service Ethics Office, First Precinct and Second Precinct.(twelve police stations )