Our Duty


The freedom and diversity that exists within a modern society, has created a greater demand for an increased in security, traffic regulations and enforcement and service by its citizens. Furthermore, the global economic recession has complicated social situations that have rigorously challenged the maintenance of public security. Therefore,Chiayi City has made the improvement of public safety one of the highest prioritie.

In the future, our bureau will continue to implement every security-related project promoted by the National Police Agency to the best of our ability. In addition, we will base our actions in accordance with the following guidelines: “professionalism, integrity, efficiency and service.” We will work enthusiastically to achieve these goals:

  • Strengthen educational training and promote the image of integrity and professionalism.
  • Increase technological equipment and enhance the efficiency of crime prevention and investigation techniques and procedures.
  • Actively respond to public opinions and provide the fastest and highest quality service possible.
  • Expand the cooperation between the police and the citizens by building stronger security networks in our communities.

As usual, every member of our bureau will work hard and try our best. Hopefully, with the support and cooperation from our citizens, we can create a more reassuring, secure and pleasant environment for the public.


The police carry out four major missions in accordance with the law:

  • To maintain public order
  • To protect social security
  • To prevent all hazards to safety
  • To promote people’s well-being