To apply

  • In person
  • Through a representative
  • Via the Internet: Visit the National Police Agency application page, and then call 05-2220772 to confirm.

Processing fee

100 NT dollars for each copy. Overseas applicants should enclose $7 USD in cash (applicants from Hong Kong and Macau should enclose$6 USD in cash).

Processing Time

It takes 4 working hours (excluding holidays). Those requiring further check through judicial or military authorities may take longer.

To receive

  • In person: Certificates will be picked up by the applicant or representative with a receipt. If the receipt is lost, the applicant should bring an original I.D.
  • By mail: If the mailing fee 28 NTD was pre-paid, the certificate will be mailed by registered mail(only for domestic applications).


08:00 ~ 12:00 & 13:30 ~ 17:30, Mon-Fri (excluding holidays)

Legal Basis

Act Governing Issuance of Police Criminal Record Certificates (PCRC) and Guidelines on Fees for Police Criminal Record Certificates.


  • The English name appearing on the application form must be identical to that on the applicant’s passport.
  • The application can be done in the police department of any county or city government(no matter where your registered address is).
  • To shorten the processing time, please provide relevant court or trial documents, if any, to verify your current criminal record status.
  • For applications made on the National Police Agency application page, please contact us (tel:05-2220772)for the pickup deadline from the next business day after application, and bring the required documents to our Foreign Affairs Section to pick up and pay for the certificate by deadline.