Public Service Center

Community Service

In order to enhance the relationship between police and the public, our bureau has set up a "public service center." We hope to further establish the image that the police are here to serve the people, we hope to earn the trust of the people and engender their support as well as maintain social order. The “public service center” has been set up within our duty commanding center (Address: No. 195, Jhong Shan Road, Chiayi City).

We have also set up a service direct line:110、 2220671、2220672, fax: 2220693. We accept requests 24 hours a day, serving the public day and night. Our service items are as follows:

  • Receive no responses or being inappropriately handled.
  • Citizens who need help in disasters or need intermediation when there is an argument.
  • People who discover suspicious or abnormal persons, things, places, or objects that might disrupt the social order.
  • Other matters that people might discover that are within the police officers’ authorization range.
  • If there are matters which fall outside of the police officers’ authorization range, the police officer will help transfer the situation to the appropriate unit capable of handling said situation.

Housing Patrol Service While Family Is Away

When the entire family of a resident travels abroad, visits friends, or leaves senile or weak women and children at home, the resident can dial "110" or go to the police units in person to ask for the housing guard from the police in order to ensure safety.

The applicant should notify the starting and ending times of the leaving and going home as well as the address, and contact number (including emergency phone number and neighbor’s number). After the police station of the supervision district receives notification and before the applicant arrives home, the police will choose the proper location to assign a patrol regularly at the secret places around the house (If there is patrol box around the house of the applicant, it will be included in the patrol route).

Escort Whoever Withdraws Large Amounts of Cash

People can go to the police station where they live and ask for the escort protection when they have to withdraw large amounts of money from the bank in order to prevent possible robberies.